Class II/III Cases - Reveal Providers | United States
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Expert Functionality

Leverage Reveal’s advanced tools and treatment philosophy to
correct complex
malocclusions with enhanced accuracy.

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Advanced Treatment Planning

Orthodontists are granted access to additional treatment planning parameters within the DDX lab portal for further customization of the prescription:

Full Case
Management Tools

Smart Rx & Default
Clinical Preferences

with O2

Carriere® Motion
3D Protocols

Virtual Setup Fine-Tuning

Customize tooth-movement and treat complex malocclusions with more precision than ever before in the all-new Studio Pro™ 4.0.

  • Over 25 new & improved features
  • Determine occlusal contacts with colored heat map
  • Measure and fine-tune movement with advanced tools
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Treating Class II/III with Reveal

Combining Reveal with the Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance for a Sagittal First approach allows you to effectively correct Class II/III cases and reduce overall treatment time.

Reduce treatment by 6+ months

The SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy combines Reveal Clear Aligners and Carriere Motion 3D Appliance for accelerated treatment.

This ground-breaking approach treats the AP dimension and resolves the most difficult part of treatment at the beginning before starting aligner therapy, simplifying the case and shortening total treatment time by 6+ months.

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Simplify Complex Cases

    • Achieve Class I occlusion in 3 to 6 months ​
    • Minimize the number of needed aligners​
    • Eliminate competing forces associated with AP correction while wearing fixed appliances​
    • Foster greater patient compliance at the start of treatment, when patient-motivation is highest
Advance with Sagittal First

“With the Sagittal First approach using Motion 3D, Class II/III cases required an average of 55-70% fewer aligners.”

Dr. Luis Carrière | Creator of the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance

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