Class II/III Cases - Reveal Providers | United States
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Expert Functionality

Leverage Reveal’s advanced tools and treatment philosophy to
correct complex
malocclusions with enhanced accuracy.

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Advanced Treatment Planning

Orthodontists are granted access to additional treatment planning parameters within the DDX lab portal for further customization of the prescription:

Full Case
Management Tools

Smart Rx & Default
Clinical Preferences

with O2

Carriere® Motion
3D Protocols

Virtual Setup Fine-Tuning

Customize tooth-movement and treat complex malocclusions with more precision than ever before in the all-new Studio Pro™ 4.0.

  • Over 25 new & improved features
  • Determine occlusal contacts with colored heat map
  • Measure and fine-tune movement with advanced tools
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Treating Class II/III with Reveal

Combining Reveal with the Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance for a Sagittal First approach allows you to effectively correct Class II/III cases and reduce overall treatment time.

Reduce treatment by up to 6 months

The SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy combines Reveal Clear Aligners and Carriere Motion 3D Appliance for accelerated treatment.

This ground-breaking approach treats the AP dimension and resolves the most difficult part of treatment at the beginning, before starting aligner therapy, simplifying the case and shortening total treatment time by up to 6 months.

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Simplify Complex Cases

  • Achieve Class I platform in an average of 3 to 6 months*
  • Minimize the number of needed aligners​
  • Eliminate competing forces associated with AP correction while wearing fixed appliances​
  • Foster greater patient compliance at the start of treatment, when patient-motivation is highest
Advance with Sagittal First

“With the Sagittal First approach using Motion 3D, Class II/III cases required an average of 55-70% fewer aligners.”

Dr. Luis Carrière | Creator of the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance

*Data on file

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